A network of networks

INDATEL is evolving and building upon the power of scale through its combined members and expanded service offerings. INDATEL is a group of wholesale carriers dedicated to providing telecommunications solutions via fiber optic network routes throughout rural and metro America. Our members excel in delivering reliable bandwidth solutions in rural markets and are uniquely positioned to provide broadband connectivity to many places other carriers cannot. We are 26 members strong who represent 500 Rural Local Exchange Carriers, 80,000 fiber optic route miles across America and over 5,000 communities served.

INDATEL’s Data and Internet Aggregation PoP located on Cermak Street in Chicago, Illinois houses a CDN services peering point, an Ethernet exchange and transit IP services aggregation.  INDATEL is located on two separate floors of the Cermak building with the ability to terminate multiple 1G and 10G ports.  INDATEL’s Data and Internet Aggregation PoP, and Ethernet exchange includes member-to-member circuits and exchange-to-exchange circuits.  INDATEL’s CDN services are peered with many “big name” players which allow INDATEL to be a viable competitor in the markets it serves.

To learn how our power of scale can connect you, contact INDATEL Executive Director Max Huffman at max.huffman@INDATELservices.com or (816) 888-8302.