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Welcome to INDATEL Group

Looking for a carrier that doesn't fumble when it comes to providing fiber connectivity to rural America? Add the Independent Alliances Telecom Group (INDATELgroup) to your lineup and we will help you get to the finish line.

We're a team of wholesale carriers who strive to provide high quality, cost effective broadband access to our fans. You're never out of bounds with us because we can handoff our services to rural and metropolitan areas via fiber optic SONET routes.

Each INDATELgroup squad is owned by the Independent Telcos in its home state, some of which have been wowing the crowds for over a century.

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All of INDATELgroup's players are committed to providing:
  • the security of joining an ILEC-Consortium owned team who is in it for the long haul
  • secure, reliable bandwidth game plans for your company's state-specific or regional transport needs at very competitive prices
  • flexible bandwidth plays for your company utilizing fiber-optic and SONET technologies
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If you're interested in becoming part of an INDATELgroup team today, contact us at (816) 237-2121. We'll work together to devise a playbook that will be a slam-dunk for your transport connectivity needs.